What is the process of preparing for the implementation of a vertical farm from the specification of the concept to the start-up of the farm?


First, we will discuss with you the basic information about your project. We will be interested in:

  • what you want to grow (leafy vegetables, herbs, fruiting vegetables, medicinal plants)
  • what will happen to the production (own retail sales, own processing, deliveries to markets / farm shops / catering businesses)
  • quantity of production required
  • frequency of harvesting (daily, weekdays, 3 times a week, other interval)
  • indicative budget

On the basis of a plan, drawing or photos, we estimate the capacity of the space, the size of the growing area, the size of the production and the demand for technological equipment of the farm. We also determine the indicative value of the farm. The concept consultation is free of charge.


In order to help you evaluate whether the space you have chosen is suitable for a vertical farm, we offer a feasibility study. The complete Feasibility Study includes the following sections:

  • Layout study (space layout, farm layout, SWOT, electricity and water requirements)

  • Technological design (selection of technologies and suppliers, parameters and documentation, budget)

For farm projects over 100 m2 of growing area, we recommend a feasibility study supplemented by an economic model of the farm:

  • Economic model (HR, daily routines, competencies, standard hours, logistics, farm operation costs)

Some parts of the Feasibility Study can be prepared independently to verify the suitability of the space, without the need for a complete study. These parts include:

  • Energy requirements (electricity and water connection capacity, evaporation and HVAC requirements)

  • Inspection of the space (survey, technical condition, readiness of the building, identification of risks)

A Confidentiality Agreement may be required to prepare the Feasibility Study.

Feasibility Study price list:

The price of the feasibility study parts depends on the indicative value of the farm, determined during the concept consultation. After the concept consultation, we will send you a quotation for the preparation of the Feasibility Study for the specific project.


Layout study
1,30 - 2,30 %
Technological design of the project
0,90 - 1,50 %
Economic model
0,40 - 1,20 %
Energy requirements
10 000,- CZK
Premises inspection
according to the current price list on the website

After the evaluation of the Feasibility Study results , we sign the Contract for Work or the Agreement on the future contract. In the contract we specify the scope of agreed deliveries of materials, components and related services. We agree on the implementation schedule and the date of finishing the work.


In preparation for the implementation, you have the opportunity to use the following services:

  • Coordination of the preparation (documents for the building contractor and technologies – HVAC, lighting, plumbing, electrical installation, processing plant)

  • Author’s supervision (inspection and supervision activities, records of the implementation)

Price list of services for the implementation preparations.

The price of services for the implementation preparations depends on the budget set out in the Feasibility Study.

Coordination of the implementation preparations
0,50 - 1,50 %
Author's supervision
according to the price offer


After thorough preparations, we will proceed to the actual farm implementation as agreed in the Contract for Work. After the farm is finished and handed over to you, we will train the operator, provide you with the farm manual and operating regulations.

Payment terms

In the case of service orders, 100% of the price of the currently ordered part of the Feasibility Study is paid as a standard upon binding order. For farm projects with an indicative value of over EUR 0.5 million, an advance payment of 70% of the price of the Feasibility Study sub-parts is possible upon binding ordering of the Layout Study, Economic Model and Technological Solution of the project, with an additional payment of 30% upon delivery of the Feasibility Study sub-parts ordered.

In the case of orders for the supply of materials, components or farm implementation, after signing of the contract, a deposit of 60% is paid, at the start of delivery or implementation another deposit of 30% is paid, and after the training of the operator /delivery / signing of the handover report, the last 10% of the price specified in the contract concluded for the specific delivery is paid.

Prices are in CZK without VAT.

Our services do not end there! Regular servicing, fertiliser and consumable supplies.