An optimized farm ready to start production immediately.

Bohemian Garden is a mobile growing farm designed for intensive production of up to 40 tons of vegetables per year on an area of only 60 m2.

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Growing area


  • Efficient layout

    Not a single unnecessary step. When designing the farm, we took care to operate efficiently and maximise the use of space.

  • Durability and longevity

    To be sustainable, the farm must run like a Swiss watch for decades. The right materials and craftsmanship will allow for a 30+ year lifespan.

  • Mobility

    Grow where it's convenient for you. Will market conditions change? Will zoning change? Relocate your farm without worry.

  • Start up in 48 hours

    It takes less than 48 hours to get your farm up and running and into production. We ship the farm fully equipped and divided into 2 parts.



Construction management, smart land use and implementation of farms into buildings.


Specialized production in science and research.


Quick start local production in case of natural disasters, humanitarian crisis and war conflicts.



Growing containers for areas with a high range of extreme temperatures.


Local production for places supplied by air transport


Fresh vegetables can be grown in mountainous or permanently frozen areas.


Want more from your farm!

Bohemian Garden is not a shipping container. It is bigger, more efficient, more productive, safer and has a lifetime that is many times longer than other container farms.

We wanted to create a truly sustainable farm with local production of fresh herbs and salads. So we created it!


Specially designed building to maximize the growing area while maintaining the possibility of transport.
The building is without thermal bridges (usual problem with shipping containers) and its layout increases work efficiency. The building has external dimensions larger than shipping containers, which brings a larger growing area and comfort during operation.

The mobile farm finds its greatest use in locations where it would not be economical to use an existing building, renovate an existing building or build a new building.
These locations include, in particular, extremely urbanized sites, brownfields, land with planned construction, land without the possibility of a permanent building, and contaminated sites.

The mobile farm is an insulated building without thermal bridges, the construction is pre-arranged for cultivation, in which your work will be facilitated by automatic climate and nutrient solution adjustment. The farm can then report all the data to you in a simple control system with local or remote access.

The minimum service life of the building is at least 30 years of operation. The lighting life is 80,000 hours, after the lighting life has expired, the luminaires will be replaced with new lighting. The service life of the air handling unit is 40,000 hours; after the service life of the air handling unit has expired, the air handling unit can be refurbished.

The farm is serviced once a year. The basic service includes calibration of probes, inspection and maintenance of pumps and air conditioning. We perform basic service or train your staff.

Maintenance takes place depending on the cultivated crop after 3-6 months of running. Maintenance includes cleaning the growing rooms and cover plates, flushing the hydroponic solution. The design of the farm allows maintenance to take place during the operation of the farm.

The farm can be run without previous experience with hydroponics or agriculture in general. The farm is designed so that its operation is as simple and intuitive as possible. The delivery of the farm includes introductory training for the operation and maintenance of the farm. A detailed operating manual is also included in the delivery.

  1. Bigger farm = bigger harvest Although shipping containers have standardized dimensions for global transport, these dimensions significantly limit the possible growing area. The Bohemian Garden farm is designed for the maximum dimensions that can be transported normally.
  2. Adapted for cultivation
    The shipping container is not and was not designed for the operation of an indoor farm, but for the transport of goods. Bohemian Garden Farm is completely designed to suit its purpose.
  3. Space efficiency
    The ratio of cultivated area to built-up area at Bohemian Garden Farm is 1.44 (86.4/60).
    With comparable growing and handling areas, the ratio is 1.15 when using shipping containers.

Farm installation requires the following prerequisites:

  • Flat surface for placement
  • Preparation for waste connection (septic tank, sewer connection)
  • Installation on ground screws / underlayment with concrete blocks / gravel surface
  • Electricity connection
  • Water connection / water tank