The intelligent hydroponics control unit is the brain of our products. The purpose of the control is to adjust the conditions for the plants, because growing under ideal conditions eliminates stress and noticeably increases the quantity and quality of the harvested produce.

Automation of hydroponics

The control unit can automate any hydroponics system. We use it in all our products.

Adjustment of the nutrient solution

Water treatment is time and resource intensive. Therefore, its automation is the most important part of hydroponics management.

Water management

Automation of water level monitoring can save a lot of inconvenience. Especially with our safety protocols.

Lighting control

Switching, intensity control and adjusting the length of light modes are useful automation functions.

Climate control

Set and maintain the ideal climate for your plants, which will reward you with healthy growth without defects.

Temperature and air movement

Proper climate control cannot function properly without air movement, and what needs to be set, can be automated.


Hydroponic farms

Automated vertical farms without soil.

Seedling production

Automation in plant seedling production.


Nutrient solution production and greenhouse management.