The quality of the solution determines the yield and its quality, the quality of the solution is determined by the care and precision of the operator. By automating common, repetitive processes, you eliminate the possibility of human error. Let technology do the work for you.

Water temperature

The quality of the nutrient solution starts with its temperature. The farmer controls the cooling or heating of the solution.

Nutrient concentration

Regular measurements and automatic dosing ensure a constant supply of nutrients to the plants.

pH control

Multiply faster growth is also made possible by a stable pH level of the nutrient solution.

Oxygen regulation

Efficiently oxygenated solution thanks to pump switching control with lower costs.

Ozone disinfection

A gentle alternative to disinfectant fluids, controlling the amount of microorganisms.

Automatic dosing

Machine-precise process without the possibility of human error with a fine-tuned adjustment procedure.


Worrying about the amount of water in the system is a thing of the past. The control unit is a good steward, saving up to 95% of water compared to traditional cultivation.

Level measurement

The control unit measures the level in the tank, allows new water from the network, and can also drain and flush.

Irrigation modes

Select the frequency and time of irrigation according to the current needs of the plants.

Safety shutdown

The control unit protects your end product, the plants, from maintenance errors.


Detailed settings allow you to mimic any climate conditions without human intervention, even for the most demanding plants.

Ambient temperature

By switching ventilation, heating or air conditioning, the control unit maintains a constant climate.

Ambient humidity

The unit can perfectly simulate the target climate by means of both temperature and humidity control.

CO2 Control

Allow the plants to breathe deeply to maximise production.



Clear listing of current measurements, remote setting and unit control.


Secure communication

Operate the hydroponics system without fear of attacking the home network from the outside.


The control unit is master of the day and night. User-friendly timer settings.


Continuous monitoring of active processes detects any non-standard behaviour and alerts the operator.

Overflow protection

System protections and safety protocols prevent the possibility of liquid spills.

Night mode

Limit all functions except lighting for your nighttime comfort or system maintenance.