Allows hyperlocal cultivation of fresh ingredients, interesting for gastronomic operations, hotels, restaurants, cafes and catering kitchens.

The production of raw materials directly at the point of processing or consumption means maximum freshness and the shortest possible path of the raw material from the farmer to the plate.

Catering operations are subject to strict hygiene rules. We have had the possibility of using hydroponics as a source of fresh ingredients verified by an independent, renowned laboratory. 


The basic problem that we are trying to solve with hydroponics is the fact that there must be no soil in the kitchen of a catering operation. Even in the form of supermarket herbs, often intended for direct consumption. A pot with soil and herbs should not even be on the buffet counter.


Samples of cultivated herbs had to be taken on site. We would therefore again like to thank the Accor Hotels branch in Plzeň, where the inspectors arrived and harvested all the herbs from the gardens.

Salad seasoning

Basil for flavouring sandwiches and salads.

Tea counter

Fresh herbs for making teas.

Fortunately, the plants grow very quickly in hydroponics, so they were ready for guests to enjoy again within a few days. The inspectors harvested not only mint, lemon balm and stevia from the garden by the drinks counter, which is used to prepare fresh herb drinks for guests, but also basil from the garden on the popular salad counter.


It took eight days for the laboratory to process all the tests carried out on the herbs. During that time, the samples were tested for the presence of the three most harmful/commonly occurring bacteria:

  1. Escherichia coli
  2. Lysteria monocytogenes
  3. Salmonella


The test showed that both the plastic used, the fertilizer and the herbs were free of harmful microorganisms. Gardens are not only an enrichment of the operation, but also a functional element in the hospitality industry, and therefore increase the level of service you provide.

You can equip a catering operation with a growing room for large-scale production in the back of the establishment or a design garden on the set.